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Alessandro Forcina

Partner - Italy

Alessandro has 30 years of experience in telecoms and ICT, with particular skill in innovation and transformation. He covers the Italian market for Cambridge MC.


Alessandro carved out his career at Telecom Italia before moving to Telemedia International (TMI) where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the global backbone network and management of OPEX budgets. His input created OPEX savings of tens of millions (Euros).


Alessandro has also been a Director at Telecom Italia Sparkle, the subsidiary delivering international wholesale and corporate services. He was involved in a continuous network architecture review as well as innovative voice, roaming and messaging services.


Alessandro has served as Chairman of the Technical/IMS Group, the i3 forum and a member of the Steering Committee. He produces resources to provide international carriers with best practice guidelines for IP migration.


Alessandro lives in Rome and is interested in history, plays tennis and enjoys international travel.

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