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Business Impact
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Strategic review of their consumer telecommunications business 

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Don't take our word for it


Mark Ryder

Tim listens to the business leaders, adds value and is excellent at resolving business issues. He is passionate about building world class teams. 


Paul Finch
Kao Data 

A Senior Carrier and Connectivity Consultant, Mark was able to build on the existing Kao Data infrastructure, to assist in adding the communications facilities required for Kao Data’s go-to-market strategy. He has added a huge amount of value to the Kao Data team


Sanjay Bhanushali

Mirren is a pleasure to do business with. She is strategic in her approach and pragmatic in finding value-creating solutions. A strong negotiator and discussions are always backed up by data.  


Winston Greenwood

The website design is absolutely on point – spot on. The Cambridge MC Marketing Team have distilled our activities into a story and captured who we are


Yuchen Xia
Genuine Impact

I have been working with Desmond on our capital raise and his approach has been very transparent and effective for us. Moreover, we found Cambridge Management Consulting’s bespoke service offers a high level of professionalism matched with effective, innovative ideas.


Alastair Paterson
Digital Shadows

Dave has proved he can drive innovation in large companies. He is able to couple depth of knowledge with the ability to get things done in complex corporate environments.