Contract Management

Taking Contract Management from a risk-centric framework to a commercial knowledge approach


Your contracts need ongoing commercial management to ensure compliance and to identify opportunities for improvement & added value

Our Contract Management as a Service (CMaaS) approach combines powerful AI tools with experience gained from decades of negotiating contract savings.


We embed a strategy to manage service contracts and partners, so that your commercial agility keeps pace with your agility as you scale.

We estimate that around 80% of businesses are accepting levels of service lower than they have contracted for. That is why we put enhanced contracts at the core of all your value streams and insert commercial intelligence into every process where value and risk are present. 

Advanced Analytics

Our leading AI tools give you control over the entire sourcing cycle. Using a customised dashboard, you have access to rebate tracking, delivery terms & volume discounts. This approach unlocks potential savings & reduces commercial risk.


Contract Management teams using AI tooling report an annual saving rate that is 37% higher than competitors. 

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Invoice Auditing

Auditing your invoices is the first step in gaining control over your contracts. We are experts at finding inconsistencies and better than market average costs. Frequently we reclaim overpayments, identify opportunities to save money and renegotiate legacy contracts.


Our AI software and methodology maps risk to your portfolio, converting a risk-centric approach to a commercial knowledge approach. 

Contract Management

Many companies lack an efficient system of organising and extracting useful data from a long, complex list of contracts. Because significant manpower is required to assess clauses and find improvements, we can save you significant time and resource with our CMaaS service.


Using AI tools and an efficient methodology, we help you achieve new standards for consistency & risk identification across your portfolio.   

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Performance Management

An efficient Contract Management process will prevent deals from stalling, create a custom KPI dashboard, a centralised database and robust security measures.


Our team uses their extensive experience to help companies regain control over their contract management tools and processes.

Contract Management Insights