Public Sector

Responding to the world with digital solutions


Meeting the challenge

We are committed to helping the public sector digitalise and respond to rapidly changing circumstances. The pandemic has provided a catalyst to accelerate the convergence of digital services and the behavioural patterns of consumers. To provide equal access and support to communities, public bodies must analyse and adapt to the new ways in which people interact with services. Contactless interfaces are now prevalent and mainstream. 


Cambridge Management Consulting has broad cross-industry experience and we combine creativity and skills from both the private and public sectors. We offer value for money, practical support and real-world expertise.

Values & social responsibility

We focus on social value and responsibility, donating 1-10% of annual profits to charitable causes, directly supporting a number of charities, and by giving 1% of our time on a pro bono basis. We also work with local organisations in regions where we operate, to support and develop community, social and educational benefits. 


We are firmly committed to the future of technology as a tool to inspire, innovate and address inequality, accessibility and empowerment across public services.


With the launch of edenseven, our environmental transformation consultancy, we are proud to add sustainability capabilities to our suite of services.

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Public sector experience

Our consultants are professional practitioners, many of whom have worked extensively in and with central and local government, public sector, education, public transport, and other publicly owned organisations, to deliver outstanding results, value and insight.


We have a thorough understanding and affinity with public sector principles, priorities and practices, including due focus on good governance, compliance and value for money. See our Case Studies for more information.

Frameworks & credentials

In the UK, we are a trusted supplier on the Crown Commercial Service Digital Marketplace, on G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists frameworks. We also partner with Insight to supply through a wide range of other public sector compliant frameworks.


  • IT and telecoms procurement support (OJEU, legal and regulatory capability) 

  • Cloud Cost Management (FinOps)

  • Technology Business Management (TBM) 

  • Cloud Security Strategy and Risk Services

  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture Design Services

  • Cyber Security

  • Office 365 Security Services

  • Air Quality and Traffic Monitoring Sensor Networks

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Digital Outcomes

  • Performance and data analysis

  • Security

  • Service delivery

  • Software development

  • Support and operations

  • Testing and auditing

  • User experience, design and research