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Accelerating business strategy by designing
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Effective digital architectures
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How an organisation manages technology decisions can have a huge impact on organisational agility, robustness and the successful execution of your business strategy. 

We can help you to establish the right architecture principles and governance processes to grow your influence and reputation. 

Our team of experts have practical experience in a range of different architecture models, from centralised to federated to fully dispersed and autonomous. We also have experience of working with organisations with little or no Architecture Governance capability.

Business Strategy  Alignment

Strategy and digital architecture alignment is vital to achieve a successful digital strategy that will meet business goals.


The first step is to map a capability review to your business priorities. Once your current and target state business priorities are identified, we create a high-level roadmap. We also might conduct a detailed financial study at this stage.


We have a range of experts in this area and can lead you through all of the stages required to ensure you have a world-class digital architecture.

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Digital Strategy

A detailed and comprehensive digital strategy will help you to understand the impact of proposed technology changes. With the help of a digital analyst you can then create a cross-functional roadmap to connect together investment, outcomes and milestones.


With decades of experience in digital architecture, we can help you through a complex, iterative process. We develop the right metrics. We always advise a gap analysis to provide the necessary training to combat change fatigue. We also ensure that communication channels provide a shared vision of change that includes feedback from all employees. You must take your people with you from beginning to end. 

Architecture Governance

Architecture governance includes all the processes by which enterprise architectures are managed and controlled at an enterprise-wide level.


Architecture governance operates within a hierarchy of governance structures that might include the following as distinct domains: Corporate governance, Technology governance, IT governance & Architecture governance.

The first step of architecture governance is the creation of your governance model. Since there are a number of competing models on offer, it is vital to choose the model that offers the right balance of standardisation, centralisation, cost control, agility, autonomy and innovation.

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Requirements Management

Requirements management is a key part of change management. If it is not built into your processes you may find that key stakeholders are not engaged in your digital transformation. Solution costs may also spiral.

Requirements management is a critical tool to control your architecture strategy. It can be used to refine and set the scope.

Finding the necessary requirements for your architecture allows you to balance costs vs risks vs benefits. We can help you deliver a set of categorised and prioritised requirements that link your architecture and solution design to your business strategy.

Design Assurance

The goal of design assurance is to ensure that your architecture solution will deliver exactly what you need.


We have extensive experience designing large and complex architectures and solutions across a range of industries. Our experience covers infrastructure, platforms, services, applications, information, security and business architecture. Much of our work has been on large scale, global, high availability/high performance architectures that serve tens of thousands of users and millions of customers. 

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