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Elisabeth Simao

Partner - Telecoms Procurement

Elisabeth has over 20 years experience in telecommunications, leading and overseeing all aspects of international carrier relations. Focused, driven and a skilled negotiator, Elisabeth is also fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and speaks basic Russian. 


As leader of international carrier relations for Global Capacity, Elisabeth created a portfolio of over 135 suppliers in 100 countries, leading to innovative commercial models to create an optimised cost base of the suppliers’ services as well as driving EBITDA growth.


Elisabeth is head of carrier relations for the Cambridge Management Consulting subsidiary The Carrier Club. Her vast experience assists multinationals to build international pricing tools; reduce costs; identify key suppliers; carry out audits and optimisation; and improve procurement. 


A few years ago, influenced by her daughter, who started to play piano, Elisabeth took up classical guitar lessons. Now she is part of a local band, together with her daughter, playing traditional Portuguese music.

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