Business Impact Intelligence

Understanding your customers, their industries, executives and competition is essential to building strong revenue streams and compelling business propositions


Business Intelligence with impact

We create business intelligence summaries that are easy to read and digest, with everything you need to know in 20 slides or less, helping you to better compete, make an impact and win.

Company Intelligence

Company intelligence profiles start with a concise company snapshot that includes a latest overview, specific talking points, business and IT priorities as well as financial performance. Our aim? To provide you with a  high level understanding of the company in 60 seconds or less.

Our Company Profiles identify an organisations major strategic business pillars, a SWOT analysis providing insight into their customers, revenues, competition and any legal disputes. 

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Executive Intelligence

Executive intelligence profiles provide intelligence on an individuals strategic priorities and personal interests. Understanding what an Executive is trying to achieve is paramount to successful and engaging interactions.


Our Executive Profiles help you position your products and services specifically to that individuals most pressing needs and longterm objectives. 

Industry Intelligence

Understanding you customer industries is essential if you're going to build successful revenue streams and compelling propositions.


Our Industry Profiles provide intelligence on business & IT trends competitor analysis, key industry challenges, the pain points and market opportunities.

Industry profiles keep up up to date with the mega-trends and business drivers that shape the worlds major industries - only by understanding the operating environments of your key customers and prospects in detail are you able to truly meet their specific needs.

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Competitor Intelligence

Understanding your competitors helps you to differentiate, better deal with objections and position your products and services with a unique perspective. 

Our competitor profiles cover executive summary, account background, financial viability assessment, Go-to-Market, Radar, Geography Navigator, M&A Due Diligence, Investor Viewpoint and Human Capital Indicator

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