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Martina Pavlaskova

Project Coordinator

Martina is a Process Specialist and works on a variety of complex projects around the world. Martina’s experience includes: the coordination of service delivery, mapping and documentation of processes, testing project architecture, mentoring and training, internal communications, and leadership.


Martina began her career joining one of the Verizon´s vendors as Junior Order Manager. In 2016, Martina started as Project Coordinator when Verizon began its engagement with the Post Office. Martina worked with the project team and solution architects to create a tailor-made system for customers. In 2017, Martina was promoted to deputy team leader. In 2019, she was promoted again to Team Leader and built a team of Activation Specialists with 24/5 customer support. Martina joined Cambridge Management Consulting in 2021 as a Process Specialist.


Martina lives in the Czech Republic in Ostrava city. She loves hiking and spending time outdoors with a good book.

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