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Mirren Mace

Managing Partner & Chief of Staff

Mirren’s career has seen her taking on various roles in fast paced, challenging markets. Focussing on B2B, Mirren excels in business development, marketing, procurement, relationship management and communications.

Her communication skills are exceptional; a skill that underpins her role as Chief of Staff for Cambridge MC.

Mirren’s career has been predominantly India-based. She has a strong understanding of supply chain, having worked in that area with various leading Indian pharmaceutical companies, including Cipla. With her partner office in Mumbai, she has long-standing clients in Africa and South America. She recently began a joint venture with a French pharmaceutical company, using her international trading experience to develop products for new African markets. 

Mirren is trustee of a charity, set up in her late father’s name, that puts Sussex cricketers through Eastbourne College on a full bursary. She loves horse riding and is kept very busy by her two sons.

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