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  • Pete Pastides

Radical marketing innovation in a (semi) post-pandemic world

Updated: Jul 1

The impact Covid-19 is having on brands will be felt for years to come. Customer behaviours have shifted and are unlikely to revert to pre-pandemic norms. For brands to succeed they need to re-imagine their customers’ digital experiences.

In summary, here's what we're seeing relative to marketing transformation, innovation and the pursuit of re-imagining the digital customer experience.

Speed and simplicity are crucial

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Teams, Zoom, & Google Meet are the new meeting norm, and as a result we are more direct and to the point. The first 15 minutes of face to face meetings are often taken up with small talk, setting up computers, and getting teas and coffees sorted. In our Teams calls we are already half way through the allotted 30 minute slot of a high impact, concise interaction. There is less time to dwell so when creating that landing page or sales presentation, we're aware we only have a few minutes to make our point and orientate the audience - speed and simplicity are fundamental to marketing success in today's remote way of working.

Accelerating content development

We can't overemphasise the importance of liberating your teams ability to communicate their knowledge and experiences. At Cambridge MC, we have started to encourage all our people to send in video summaries of their day-to-day experiences. What we're receiving are rich, informative content pieces that we're able to share internally and externally. Currently one of our Managing Partners is in Dubai facilitating an event. He is meeting fascinating people from all over the world and sending us short-sharp, highly useful snippets of what's happening on the ground. We enabled this by removing content creation barriers and bureaucracy and made it simple and easy for the team to express and share their experiences. Ps. Our customers love the updates as they get to experience our personality and feel connected to our brand!


This leads nicely onto meeting people's expectations through personalisation (and we're talking far beyond simple name recognition). If your marketing isn't able to speak to the wants, needs and challenges of your target audience then the chances are you're going to be ignored. There's simply too much noise in the market and to the above points, if you're not concise and 'on-point' don’t expect your customer to chew through your content to fathom out what it means. They won’t. Using advanced marketing technology it is possible to discover your customer’s wants, needs and challenges, engage with them where they are now, and help get them to where they want to be.

Pete Pastides - Chief Marketing Officer