M&A Transition Services

Specialists in delivering smooth transition services in M&A’s


Managing competing expectations in an M&A 

We specialise in delivering a smooth transition service in M&A’s
For the seller, we limit the impact on internal resources
For the buyer, we keep the cost of the transition period to a minimum

Shortening the transition lifecycle and controlling costs  

We have proven that if the transition services are defined early, with a clear understanding of the business and its operations it shortens the transition lifecycle and controls costs. 

In addition knowing the end state, having a realistic timeline, planning for sequential transitions, using appropriate levels of detail in SLA’s, with strong governance and communication  also helps to ensure a smooth transition. 

Carbine and Rope
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Vendors & Contracts

Vendors and contract management is a huge part of M&As

We assemble world-class Contract Management teams during pre-acquisition, TSA negotiations and beyond close

We use Ai tools to accelerate contract  analysis and management efficiency

Culture & People 

Human capital issues must be handled with the same discipline as finance, IT and operations. The human side is critical to value-creation in an M&A.

We specialise in HR and personnel costs management, including payroll transfer, which is a significant proportion of the purchase price and TSA service costs.


Workforce Resilience 

We highly recommend using a system to measure workforce resilience prior to starting your integration. M&As create a huge amount of stress for personnel, especially those moving to the buyer.

We specialise in using psychological metrics to assess peoples change readiness and resilience. This information can be collated at team level and is extremely useful for HR teams to plan and assess both retention schemes and the likelihood of integration problems.

Download the 3 Key Areas of Success for a Transition Service Agreement Before and After an Acquisition


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