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Andrew Kinnear

Senior Partner - Africa

Andrew has a commanding knowledge of the communications industry, having worked for over 30 years in the sector. 


Following a career in the British Army, serving in the Royal Green Jackets, Andrew moved to Houston, Texas entering the oil industry. He studied petroleum engineering and was assigned to the Middle East, in charge of project drilling work.


In 1986 Andrew joined Cable & Wireless as General Manager of their offshore business, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1992 he moved to AT&T and joined the team responsible for creating the Ukraine International Telecommunications Company (UTEL). Two years later Andrew was invited to manage all AT&T voice telecommunications across the Middle East.


Since 2007 Andrew has acted as executive director for the Algerian ISP ICOSNET which has become the second largest fixed operator increasing revenue 30 times. 


Andrew lives in the countryside outside Winchester, England and enjoys playing golf and tennis.

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