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Nigel Meacham

Managing Partner - Digital Procurement

Nigel built his reputation in optimisation, audit and delivery for network, telecoms and cloud services. He is also a specialist in local access pricing and delivery.


He began his telecom career in the late 80s, leading sales of iNet’s optimisation tools business. In the 90s he co-founded Salford Networking International, developing tools to optimise backbone and access networks. He was also a consultant to the National Grid and CAA networks.


In the late 90's Nigel co-founded another company, Magenta, where he led company sales and received two government export achievement awards. In 2012 Nigel founded a consultancy company, CSL, specialising in telecom audits and optimisation.


Nigel has joined the Cambridge Managment Consulting team as co-founder and director of our subsidiary, The Carrier Club.


Based in north-west England, Nigel enjoys travelling, especially to Latin America. He is a devoted football fan. 

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