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Richard Brown

Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Richard has extensive experience in information and communications technology, working for corporate enterprises and major suppliers.

With an honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering, Richard started his career with BP holding several senior roles including managing BP’s global infrastructure.

He then joined a start-up unit within MCI WorldCom and was responsible for all aspects of delivery for data, voice and security services across Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa

Richard then founded Straxia, an independent network-centric IT consultancy aiming to maximise effective delivery of end to end IT services. Straxia was built on Richard’s personal values of consistent fairness and sincerity and has successfully served enterprise and carrier clients for 12 years. A shared vision with Cambridge MC, meant becoming part of Cambridge was a natural progression

Richard loves life in Brighton with his wife, Kathryn. For leisure, Richard makes up-cycled lamps, grows vegetables, rides his electric bike and loves to travel.

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