SD-WAN transformation for a global resourcing company


IT Modernisation Strategy

To help PageGroup, a global resourcing company, undertake SD-WAN transformation. The aim was to successfully procure and install the necessary infrastructure to achieve the high-level strategic goal of cloud-first computing. 


We assisted PageGroup with project management and procurement, taking their network transport and management needs to market through RFI and RFP processes. This helped the company through the selection process to award for best-in-breed regional transport providers and an independent global-managed service provider.

For large companies spanning geographically remote locations, the cloud offers the freedom to rapidly scale and connect systems. The advantages and agility this offers explains why over 94% of companies are now on cloud platforms. SD-WAN has overcome the hype and become a reality for over half of managed WAN solutions. Adopting SD-WAN as a solution for cloud infrastructures has a range of benefits:


  • It unifies operation of complex networks

  • SD-WAN can assess cloud-based applications and route them intelligently to increase performance

  • A full-stack of security features is available

  • Increased flexibility of the network

  • A more-agile and cost efficient system

Corals Under the Sea

SD WAN & PageGroup

Because SD-WAN works at the application layer and makes decisions at a session or packet level, the advantage for PageGroup was an ability to ensure the network is optimised for applications at all times. This ensured a more robust and performant end-user experience. Network architects and managers were able to use this information to properly plan for business changes ahead.


"Richard Brown has been key in shaping our network transformation. From strategy and SD-WAN to the detail of operational test plans, Richard's calm approach and considered manner across levels of detail and technical domains has bridged theory to reality, and helped give my stakeholders the confidence to move forward; with clarity on the real benefits of doing so."


Mike Daley, Strategy and Architecture at PageGroup

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